Jorte 1.8.7

A thorough calendar app for Android


  • More options than you can imagine!
  • Syncs with Google Calendar
  • Notifications
  • Color-coding
  • Widgets


  • Not very attractive


If standard calendar apps for Android just aren't powerful enough for you, take a look at Jorte.

Jorte isn’t going to win any awards in the attractiveness stakes (although it does have a variety of skins), but if you are looking for a comprehensive, flexible organizer, you shouldn't lets looks blind you to the utility of this app.

For a start, Jorte fully integrates with lots of Google services, so if you are currently using Google Calendar as your organizer, there’s no need to manually transfer the information. Jorte also integrates with Google Maps, and can be controlled by Google Voice. Scheduling and to-do data can also be easily imported into the app.

Two of Jorte's most popular features are the ability to color-code days and appointments, and the app's serious variety of homescreen widgets. It also has a dual calendar/to-do display, and excellent interactive appointments – for example, if you click on the Where field, the location is displayed in Google Maps.

Going through all of Jorte's features would take a long time. Suffice to say, then, that it is obviously an app designed with great care and attention, with usability and features at the top of the list. If you’re a user who really wants to get the most out of their calendar app, it's an excellent option.

Jorte – a calendar app to be reckoned with.

Fixed an alert problem


  • Fixed an alert problem



Jorte 1.8.7

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